Bulawayo honours Harare writer

WRITER Cynthia Marangwanda is set to launch her new novella entitled Shards as part of the annual Back to Pan-Africanism Conference on December 19.


The book was published by Leaders for Africa Network (LAN), the publishing unit of the organisation hosting the conference.

Marangwanda has been actively involved in Zimbabwean poetry and has toured the world and is now widely referred to as the “Zimbabwe’s poetry ambassador”.

Convener of the conference Richard Mahomva told Southern Eye Lifestyle that Marangwanda deserves the honour as she has significantly contributed to Zimbabwean writing and has a strong literary background.

“I have known Cynthia for being one of the leading female writers of our time. We first met when she gave a presentation at the Midlands State University.

My second encounter with her was during the 2012 Poetry Africa Festival held at the Book Café in Harare.

“Publishing her first novella is an honour for LAN. We see it as a moment of resurrection of Yvonne Vera and Dambudzo Marechera’s legacy since her work intermarries the legacy of these two writers,” Mahomva said.

Mahomva said Marangwanda is also set to launch the book in Bulawayo during the Back to Pan-Africanism conference’s second edition.

“Last year, the conference hosted Ibbo Mandaza. This year Nhamo Mhiripiri from Midlands State University is one of the key speakers and Claude Mararike from the University of Zimbabwe is also expected to attend the conference,” Mahomva said. Other writers from the Bulawayo have expressed support for this initiative.

Tswarelo Mothobe, the founder of uMlomo Wakho Poetry, said the publishing of Marangwanda’s work had been long overdue.

“Marangwanda is a prolific writer and I know her works are very impressive. I believe that the book had been long overdue,” he said.

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