Juju claims expose Mugabe administration

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe has made startling and very revealing disclosures that some members within his Zanu PF administration dabble in witchcraft in desperate attempts to succeed him as leader of the party and the republic.

Mugabe claimed during his address to the central committee on Wednesday Vice-President Joice Mujuru tried to use juju on him to the extent of consulting witch doctors due to her hunger for power.

 Vice-President Joice Mujuru

Vice-President Joice Mujuru

He dragged in the name of the equally embattled politician, former Zanu PF Mashonaland East chairman Ray Kaukonde, saying he sought a sangoma and use tadpoles, one representing him (Mugabe) and the other representing Mujuru, to perform rituals.

“One of the n’angas said look for two tadpoles of different colours, one should be named Mugabe and the other should be called Mujuru and put them in water,” Mugabe said.

“That’s what happened. They were made to fight and if Mugabe’s tadpole died then she would rule. Now mine won against yours, it seems that is what happened then.”

While witchcraft and use of juju is a phenomenon found in most African cultures, we find it sad that a whole President with seven earned degrees believes so much in juju and inyanas to the extent of spending precious State resources to stop Mujuru from climbing the leadership ladder in Zanu PF.

No wonder why Zimbabwe’s and other African economies are not doing well. Our politicians seem to throw away all they learn at universities, all scientific rationale and believe in some mystical things they have no proof of.

Even after being fooled a few years ago by a diesel inyanga in Chinhoyi, utterances by Mugabe at the Zanu PF congress confirm that he and most his friends in Zanu PF believe in inyanas and they spend a lot of tax payers’ money in paying them.

Believing in numinous things continues to cost Zimbabwe and Africa in a big way. There are many cases of people raping young girls after getting advice from so-called traditional healers that doing so will cure them of HIV, but at the end they just succeed in spreading the virus to the girls.

You also have a lot people now thronging most of the prophetic churches that operate like traditional healers’ shrines and at the end people lose a lot of their money and wealth to these people.

Mugabe’s disclosures, after being fooled by the Chinhoyi spirit medium, gives credence to assertions Zimbabwe is indeed under an evil spell.

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