Mixed reactions to VP, ministers dismissal

FORMER Vice-President Joice Mujuru’s dismissal with eight other ministers yesterday has been condemned and welcomed in equal measure by analysts.


Analysts said Zimbabwe “has started a path towards a monarchy through whatever means” with disastrous consequences for the country, while others argued that Mujuru’s ouster was long overdue because the 59-year-old politician was sabotaging government development programmes.

Mujuru was shown the boot after weeks of resisting calls to step down by First Lady Grace Mugabe for allegedly plotting to unseat President Robert Mugabe.

President Robert Mugabe

President Robert Mugabe

South Africa-based Zimbabwean media scholar and political analyst Trust Matsilele said Mujuru’s ouster spelt doom for Zimbabwe, although a chance alliance between the ousted deputy and the opposition could bring an end to Mugabe’s rule.

“Zimbabwe has started a path towards a monarchy and the only way this minor clique in Zanu PF will retain power will be through violence, coercion of State actors and apparatus and stealing of elections,” he said.

“The ultimate firing of Mujuru once again confirms a country not being governed by the president, but by his wife.

“The most interesting out of all this is that now Zanu PF is being run by an unpopular cabal, unpopular both within the broader Zanu PF and Zimbabwe at large.”

University lecturer Qhubani Moyo, however, argued otherwise, saying Mugabe’s actions were commendable because a president needs lieutenants that he can trust and work with for the country’s benefit.

“The president and his lieutenants, especially the vice-president, should have a high degree of trust among themselves if they are to deliver effectively to the people of Zimbabwe,” he said.

“Once there is a breakdown of that trust, there is no reason for them to continue co-existing.” Moyo described Mugabe’s mass purge of his ministers as “good”.

“What Mugabe did to fire Mujuru and other ministers is very good for this country as it means that we can have people in place that are willing to implement government and party programmes under the leadership of Mugabe.”

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