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There is life after festivities


IT’S December. This is the festive month of the year and a lot of celebrations ranging from parties, weddings and musical shows are lined up.

It’s probably the busiest time of the year for artistes as they move from one event to another strutting their stuff.

Disc jockeys on the other hand spin their decks into the wee hours of the day. It’s basically a time when most of those in the creative sector find no rest and have sleepless nights and days until January.

At this time of the year I am always compelled to throw in words of advice to both the entertainers and the public. We hear this a lot each and every year, but no matter how many times we are warned, we tend to ignore it. May we all enjoy the festive season and remember that there is life after the festivities.


We need to entertain ourselves in the best way we can, but we should not end up in sorrow. How heartbreaking it is that most of us work so hard throughout the year and take very good care of ourselves only to lose it right at the end of the year.

Whatever form of entertainment you choose should not rob you and your loved ones of each other before the dawn of the New Year.

There is certainly an influx of vehicles in the country. Whoever thought Bulawayo of all cities would have traffic jams, thanks to Japan.

What it means is that most of us will be driving to places of leisure and nightspots. That alone is a worry. Zimbabweans in general have never seen drinking and driving as hazardous as it actually is.

Having travelled to Europe many a time, I can boldly say laws in those countries are very strict when it comes to drinking and driving and citizens there take it as a taboo to do so. It’s always very painful when joy ends in tears.

If you are going to be frequenting drinking spots, shows and events this whole month and you know you want to drink and be merry, I would rather you ask someone with sober habits and can drive to accompany you. Entertainment should not result in injury or death. No human life is worth a music show or night of drinking at a night spot.

The same goes for our artistes who sometimes feel that as service providers they miss out on the fun. They play at events and shows where people are drinking and, therefore, for some it is not easy to resist the offers and temptation to try out the wise waters.

As a result, some of them end up going on stage drunk and embarrassing themselves and their fans, much to the chagrin of their clients and promoters.

Do not sing or dance away your dignity and career in less than a month. Let’s us remember as DJs, musicians, dancers and comedians that we are hired to provide the entertainment not to be more entertained than our guests.

May we try our best to save our dignity and the little income we make during the festive season. Let us remember that there are tougher times ahead when the year begins and the shows vanish.

I pray that this year we do not lose our artistes to the road carnage too, let us engage refreshed drivers and allow them to rest when we have shows.

If we are driving ourselves, let us find time to rest and be sober at all times. While December is the month of fun it has its very dark side to it.

Events are already in full motion and as we write Ibumba Festival is in full swing. The festival that runs in Bulawayo’s oldest township is hosting a lot of exciting acts including the Zimbabwean music legend Oliver Mtukudzi this year. Another highlight will be the Kalawa Homecoming show.

The whole year through and through as families and friends we are separated by the pursuit for better life and the bottom line, the dollar.

Let’s us use these events and shows to come out and bond with our families and friends. Invite those from the Diaspora to one or two shows and show them what Zimbabwe has to offer entertainment wise.

As we show good hospitality and how peaceful Bulawayo is, please keep crime away from these shows. We need safe festivals, venues and events to grow a good following for our artistes in the country.

The festive season needs to live up to its merriness without mishaps and accidents. It is up to all of us as citizens to stay safe respect other’s safety and even keep each other safe this festive season. Go out there and enjoy the festive season. Keep walking.

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