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‘Girl not cause for suicide’


FAMILY members and friends of 15-year-old Isaiah Sibanda of Magwegwe North suburb, who allegedly committed suicide on Boxing Day, have denied claims he took his own life after being dumped by a girl and instead say he was frustrated by negligence by his guardian.


Recently it was claimed the boy took his life, after being dumped, but his relatives said nothing could be further from the truth.

Dumisani Ndlovu, an uncle to the deceased, said the family was disheartened by the claims, saying they were not true and had angered family members.

“We are not happy with what was said about our child,” he said.

“Does it even make sense to have a 15-year-old boy claim his life over a girl?

“What does he know about love?”

Ndlovu said the media must learn to first clarify issues before rushing to publish stories, particularly sensitive issues.

“Isaiah was a very troubled child ever since his parents passed away in 2009,” the uncle said.

“He has never been emotionally stable, as he would time and again say he wondered why he was still alive.”

Ndlovu said the deceased boy’s aunt was allegedly neglecting him and had failed to provide for him and he felt isolated.

“He would tell me that no one cared for him and he had lost hope in everything concerning his life as he had even dropped out of school,” he said.

In what could be developing into a family feud, Ndlovu said the unnamed aunt would collect $250 from the tenants staying at the boy’s parents’ house and instead of channelling the money to Isaiah’s needs she would keep the money, leaving the boy with nothing.

Ian Sibanda, the deceased’s brother, said Isaiah had complained several times about the ill treatment he got from his aunt, but no one took it serious.

“My younger brother always complained about the ill treatment he got from our aunt, who was his guardian, ever since our grandmother and parents passed away,” he said.

“I really did not take it serious because I thought those were empty complaints.

“She did not provide him with food, clothes and other basic needs. He had to drop out of school because his fees were not paid up.”

Isaiah’s best friend (name withheld) told Southern Eye that days before the fateful day, Isaiah told him that he was not happy to be alive, as he had so much trouble at home.

“Some days before his death, he told me that he was not happy to be alive, as there was so much going on at home,” he said.

“He told me that he was made to sleep in the kitchen as the house had a lot of tenants. He cried so much for his mother and said he missed her.”

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