Online complaints platform launched


AN online customer complaints platform, which seeks to serve as a database for grievances raised in all sectors of the economy and government departments has been launched.


The platform, known as is designed to allow users to rate companies and government agencies in order to drive increased quality of service.

“This platform was created out of personal experiences of bad customer service, which goes unaddressed or unresolved in Zimbabwe and I am sure this is an exciting development that will become the first port of call for all Zimbabwean consumers regarding any bad and good service experience,” Tinotendaishe Nyanga, the developer of the site said.

“One of the most therapeutic things you can do if you’ve been badly let down by a product or service is log on to and let it all out in a complaint.

“The website will make manufacturers, retailers, service providers, government departments and State-owned companies more accessible to the public.”

Nyanga said companies stand to benefit from the platform, as it will serve to encourage them to improve on their service provision.
“The aim of this site is simple: To increase service levels of our suppliers,” she said.

“Most progressive companies enjoy getting feedback from customers, positive or negative.

“It’s important for them to assure the customer that something will be done about their complaint.”

A number of websites to launch complaints have been launched in the past couple of months, but most hardly outlive the buzz surrounding their launch.

Presently, consumers are lodging complaints to the Consumer Council of Zimbabwe, but they attach little faith on the organisation.

The government recently drafted a Consumer Protection Bill, which must establish the Consumer Protection Commission.

This commission would be mandated to promote fair business practices and protect consumers from unreasonable, unjust improper trade practices, deceptive, misleading, unfair and fraudulent conduct.

The Bill, if passed into law will result in the establishment of a Consumer Court.

The Consumer Court shall be a special court for the purpose of enforcing rights and serve as a court of record.

Nyanga said online complaints and compliments platforms have empowered consumers to take action over poor service.

“We’ve seen astonishing growth in consumer power over the past few years, thanks to social media and online channels, and this website will take that one step further,” she said.