Likwa chants into second album


UPCOMING Bulawayo poetic Likhwa OkaNcube has released a second album called Still I rise.


Ncube said his latest offering presents a more mature sound and was inspired by the passion and zeal to soldier on amid challenging circumstances.

“I am grateful to God for his grace and favour in my life because although challenges abound, hard work and passion keep me going. No matter the hardships, still I rise,” Ncube said.

He, however, expressed concern about the state of Bulawayo’s music industry saying it was low.

“There is grave concern regarding the music industry in Bulawayo as there is absolutely nothing going on. What happened with the manufacturing industries migrating to Harare is what happened in music.

“People must get into the industry due to passion not for money because at the end of the day, passion is what will sustain you when faced with challenges and marginalisation,” he added.

He said the 10-track album tackles Zimbabwe’s social life although the bulk of the message is love-centred.

“As a token of my appreciation for the fans’ support, this album tackles relevant issues that affect people on a day-to-day basis, as we all know that we all need love,” Ncube said.

All the songs and poetry on the album were composed by Ncube, and produced and engineered by Khuxman and Isaac Masendeke at Diamonds Studios in Harare.