Mujuru trinity doomed to fail

Former Vice-President Joice Mujuru

FORMER Vice-President Joice Mujuru is reportedly courting former colleagues Simba Makoni and Dumiso Dabengwa in the battle to save her political career and those of her allies in a bid to oust President Robert Mugabe at the helm of Zanu PF.

Mujuru has reportedly made overtures to Makoni and Dabengwa as her faction raises the stakes in its fight for political survival and against dictatorship in Zanu PF.

Looking at the proposed leadership, the politically naïve could be deceived to think that the combination is formidable enough to dislodge Mugabe and his hangers-on.

Simba Makoni
Simba Makoni

But their collective strength as former Zanu PF heavyweights is likely to go as far as to attract a few rebel admirers, considering that Makoni and Dabengwa failed to lure a significant number of active Zanu PF supporters when they broke ranks with Mugabe.

The addition of Mujuru to failed Dabengwa and Makoni will in no way strengthen her camp; instead it might have the likelihood of leaving Mugabe and his coterie of bootlickers still in control of Zanu PF and unfortunately the country.

But this failure to attract supporters is by and large not a reflection of the inherent weaknesses of the three leaders either individually or collectively, but is a confirmation of people’s fear they cannot depart from the Zanu PF gravy train.

While the combination of Makoni, Mujuru and Dabengwa realistically has a huge number of sympathisers, the majority of such supporters are not willing to disembark from the boat of political patronage which bestows potential wealth on every Zanu PF members’ lap.

Dumiso Dabengwa
Dumiso Dabengwa

Getting out of the boat would mean either losing the primitively acquired wealth or a complimentary visit to Khami Prison if not loss of life.

It is that possible failure to seduce enough supporters to break away from Zanu PF which will weaken the chances of a Dabengwa-Mujuru-Makoni trinity.

Let us be mindful that the three are core Zanu PF stalwarts who are currently out of the party because of power struggles. Their merger cannot bring anything new and Zimbabweans cannot be fooled.

What Zimbabwe needs are leaders who have citizen’s issues at heart and are prepared to work for the prosperity of Zimbabwe not imperial leaders who have a sense of entitlement to leadership and a good life.