Zimura equips artistes with recording equipment

THE Zimbabwe Music Rights Association (Zimura) has in conjunction with the Culture Fund of Zimbabwe purchased musical equipment worth $23 000 to assist artistes that cannot afford exorbitant recording fees to record their works at lower rates.


In addition, artistes can also hire the equipment for live shows with proceeds going towards a medical fund for artistes.

The equipment was purchased from South Africa and its sound system can cater for an audience of between 1 500 and 2 000 people.

The IMIX sound system consists of a 32-channel mixer, Alan Heather, 32-channel snake cable and has a tama in spiral star drum set and multiple microphones. It includes six full range projectors and two four-in-one bass bins.

Zimura Bulawayo manager Clarence Garura told Southern Eye Lifestyle that the equipment would help promote growth in the country’s music industry by grooming new talent as upcoming artistes would have a system they could rely on at affordable rates.

“The sound system will be hired out to members as well as to the corporate world and other stakeholders at subsided rates,” Garura said.

“The other reason behind the project is to raise funds so that we could purchase more sound systems such that each province has at least one, so artistes could record where they are based.

“We also want to raise funds for sustainable projects, for example, we will need a medical aid or scheme for artistes. The money we raise from hiring out the equipment would be used to conduct public awareness campaigns, public lectures and workshops to educate our members on various issues related to the industry,” Garura said.

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