Serial robber in court

A MAN who terrorised several farms in Plumtree — allegedly committing a series of unlawful entry and robbery from the farm houses — has been taken to the Bulawayo regional court.


Brezhnev Maposa (29) of Luveve in Bulawayo was not asked to plead to the charges when he appeared before Bulawayo regional court magistrate Mark Dzira yesterday.

The magistrate remanded the matter to tomorrow for routine remand after prosecutor Tinashe Dzipe indicated that the State wanted the accused to be examined by medical doctors.

Allegations are that on May 31 2011, Maposa in the company of Thulani Masina and Gift Mwale who is still at large, hatched a plan to go and steal from farmer James Rosenfels of Glenmore Farm in Mangwe.

At around 11pm they went to the farm and broke into the complainant’s house using an iron bar to break the padlock.

Maposa allegedly entered the house and went on to break six other doors inside the home, before searching the whole house.

They stole property worth $369 before boarding a bus to Bulawayo the following day with the loot.

They were intercepted by police and Masina was arrested, but Maposa and Mwale managed to escape.

On June 1 2011 at 8pm, Maposa and two accomplices are alleged to have waylaid Sibonile Ndlovu, a teacher at Lydeard Primary School, while she was coming out of her house and pounced on her before demanding money.

When she screamed, they produced a knife and threatened to stab her before they took her mobile phone, $2 and P5.

On the same day, they robbed Phindani Khupe, a teacher at the same school, as he emerged from his house to investigate the commotion after his colleague had screamed.

They force-marched him into his house where they demanded money and took two cellphones and cash amounting to $279 before disappearing.

The total value of property stolen from Khupe was $470.

On July 8 2011, Maposa and his accomplice pounced at Anglesea Farm in Matobo armed with a knife, where they entered and robbed Joan Dodmun.

Maposa attacked one Jokobe Mhlanga, before grabbing him and tying his hands with his shoe laces.

A neighbour, Beradus Delport, came to the scene and was confronted by one of the accused, Mwale.

Delport hit Mwale once and he fell down, but he called his accomplices and they overpowered the neighbour.

They force-marched the three farm occupants to the house, where they demanded money.

They forced open a gun cabinet and took a .22 and .303 rifles, $300, R500 and jewellery.

They stole property worth $1 500.

They allegedly force marched the three to Delport’s house. One of them shot dead the farmer’s dogs.

While inside the house, they stole a number of cellphones and cash worth $700 and R2 000 before they disappeared from the scene.

On October 25 2011, Maposa broke into Andrew John Earke (61)’s house at Lot 13A Eltham Park in Matobo, while the owner was away.

He waited inside the house for the complainant to return and at 11pm, Earke arrived.

Maposa got out of the house and grabbed him from behind, while armed with a screwdriver and pliers.

He force-marched him into the house. Maposa took $1 700, P1 500, a digital camera and tennis shoes.

On December 26 2011, Maposa was arrested in Bulawayo and he reportedly admitted to police to committing the crimes.

The total value of the property and cash stolen was $5 925 and only property worth $700 was recovered.

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