48 prison officers graduate


FORTY-EIGHT chief prison officers from the Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services (ZPCS) graduated in the prisons management course at Ntabazinduna Prisons Training School on Friday.


The graduands comprising nine females and 39 males — five of them chaplains — completed a three-month course meant to emphasise the correctional aspect that the service has included in their curriculum as a way of reintegrating inmates back into society.

Commissioner-General Paradzayi Zimondi said he was optimistic the graduands were now able to make sound judgments when they presided over complex matters.

“These programmes ensure that graduands are equipped with the prerequisite, divergent and managerial knowledge skills necessary for improved job performance among members of staff,” he said.

“Given this course, I am optimistic that you are now able to pass sound decisions when it comes to presiding over sophisticated prisons and correctional matters.”

Zimondi expressed concern over corruption and urged the new officers to desist from it as it affected society.

“Corruption has become a double-edged sword, whose results are treacherous to the perpetrator and the country’s standing at large,” he said.

“I, therefore, implore you to remain disciplined and exemplary towards zero tolerance to corruption.”

The ZPCS management course helps officers understand the background and concepts of dealing with scenarios that affect inmates and to note the importance of the rehabilitation of prisoners over punishment when they serve their sentences.

They are taught to reorient the offender for successful integration back into society as a member of that community and not an outsider.