Social media can make or break your career


ONCE you have uploaded something to the web, it could very well be impossible to remove it. You’re lucky if it hasn’t yet been downloaded or screen-grabbed and shared.

The fact is that social media platforms are being used as a recruitment tool by employers — a practice that is becoming more popular — and it is your responsibility to know what content is associated with your name on the Internet.

It doesn’t matter how impressive your CV is, you will not get called for an interview if your online persona puts recruiters off.

Your online footprint is a reflection of your personal brand and your profile, status updates, threads and pictures form a picture that may influence a potential employer’s hiring decision.

Not having a social profile
A candidate that is more visible online and, therefore, less of a gamble is more appealing.

You liked a Facebook page that supports any form of illegal activity,

You have advocated for controversial issues,

You spread gossip,

You constantly complain,

You insult others,

You’re always partying, drinking or drunk,

You participate in dangerous or illegal activities and post images of guns, drugs or fights,

You’ve admitted to hating your job, boss and colleagues,

Your social updates contradicts your CV.

When your name is Googled, the first results display positive information about you.

A professional snapshot or summary about yourself,

A showcase of your skillset is easily found,

Your accomplishments can be verified,

You naturally receive positive comments from peers,

You show interest in the company you’d like to work for, and like, share and comment on their social company pages,

Show interest in your chosen career path,

Participation in discussions and intelligent debates regarding current issues in your industry,

A good network of like-minded individuals,

Your unique personality shines through.

Stand out by copying the tactics of these techies who landed jobs at their dream companies by honing their skills in a unique way:
Eric Romer created a Facebook, Twitter and blog campaign called “Hire Me, HeadBlade”. He was hired a day later.

Louis Gray demonstrated love and dedication for Google+ on his blog and it got him hired as a product evangelist.

Nicholas Allegra landed an internship at Apple after hacking the iPhone.

The Internet is an easily referenced database of prospective candidates. Make sure your profile is the best.

— Career24