Gruesome murders shock Esigodini

RESIDENTS of Habane in Esigodini are living in fear following a recent unresolved gruesome murder in the area.


Kwanele Moyo (39) was reportedly killed by unknown assailants and his body thrown onto the railway line where it was decapitated by a goods train to make it appear as if his death was a suicide.

However, multiple cuts on his body resembling stab wounds triggered the suspicion of family members and residents that there was foul play.

It is alleged that Moyo was mugged and killed on October 25 2014 at around 2am and his body thrown onto the railway line to conceal evidence of the murder.

One resident, who declined to be named, said two other murders were previously committed at the same spot and residents were now living in distress.

“We are now living in fear as no meeting has been called so that we could talk about how to solve such issues in the community,” the resident said.

“One has to be aware of family members’ whereabouts as we fear that  they might get killed. We kindly ask the police to solve this case as soon as possible because other murders happened at the same spot.”

Another concerned resident said the murders were traumatising Habane residents, particularly since the police had not been able to solve the cases.

“We are afraid that similar cases might happen and we feel insecure whenever it gets dark. No suspect has been arrested and it seems the police are sleeping on duty,” he said.

Residents expressed concerns about the times bars dotted around the area close pointing to them as the source of violence.

The area councillor Patson Sibanda said police told him they were still investigating the cases.

“We are aware of the case,” he said.

“The MP, William Dhewa, will organise a meeting with the community so that we can know whether it was a train that killed the man or it was a murder.”

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