Lightning bolt leaves grave open

IN a bizarre incident which has left villagers of Monde in Victoria Falls shell-shocked, a lightning bolt ploughed through a grave of a person buried a year ago, leaving it open at a homestead in the area.

Richard Muponde
Senior Reporter

The incident took place on Saturday morning, leaving villagers in disbelief.

Reports from Monde are that the incident took place during the rains which fell in Victoria Falls on Friday and Saturday.

Southern Eye has it on good authority that the lightning first struck a fence, leaving it shredded before ploughing the ground into the homestead’s yard. It eventually struck the grave twice, leaving a trench at the scene.

Jeffrey Ngwenya, a relative of the affected family, yesterday confirmed that indeed lighting struck at the homestead, but disputed that it left the grave open.

“Yes, it happened, the lighting struck the fence, nearby trees and grass, but didn’t reach the grave, as it was a bit further,” he said. “I was present on Sunday. The damage is not as big as you are saying.”

However, a witness, who had gone to the village on business, said she had never seen such a bizarre incident in her entire life.

“It was shocking,” she said.

“We always hear of such strange incidents coming from other areas. I saw it for myself, it was frightening.”

She said the lightning started by ripping the homestead’s fence and went on to plough on the ground going towards the homestead, but diverted to the grave where it left a trench.

“It happened in a flash,” she continued.

“When we came back to our senses after the frightening flash of the lighting and thunder, that is when we saw that it had struck nearby.

“It’s fortunate it did not strike the huts, we would have died.”

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