Masvingo now a basket case


AS exclusively revealed by this newspaper yesterday, former Youth, Gender and Women’s Affairs deputy minister Shuvai Mahofa has bounced back as a full minister, replacing fired Masvingo Provincial Affairs minister Kudakwashe Basikiti as President Robert Mugabe’s purge of perceived internal opponents intensifies.

Basikiti was summarily fired last week for associating with axed former Vice-President Joice Mujuru’s faction Mugabe and his inner faction accuse of plotting to topple the long-serving Zanu PF leader, joining a growing list of Zanu PF politicians that have been purged allegedly at the behest of First Lady Grace.

While citizens watch in awe the political shenanigans playing out in Zanu PF in utter disbelief in what seemingly smacks of trumped up charges, the appointment of 74-year-old Mahofa confirms Mugabe is clueless in taking Zimbabwe forward.

The appointment of such deadwood to superintend the vast Masvingo Province only helps to show that the government has got no serious intentions of moving Zimbabwe out of its current political and economic crisis.

It is prudent to note that the same people in leadership have been recycled for the past 35 years hence refusal of the country’s nagging problems to go away.

Mahofa has been rejected by the electorate in Gutu South more than once only to be smuggled through the back door after several sessions of bootlicking.

She failed during her tenure as a Member of Parliament for Gutu to bring any meaningful development to the area. It is no wonder Zimbabwe keeps going in circles instead of progressing.

Such appointments bring negativity and lack of trust in the Zanu PF administration which has failed to breath life into the economy since Mugabe’s controversial re-election in July 31 2013.

What is shocking is the assertion in the State media that her appointment is expected to move government programmes forward in Masvingo.

This is sheer madness. How can the Zanu PF mouthpieces celebrate the appointment of Mahofa as a full minister at the age of 74 when the country needs fresh blood and ideas to revitalise the comatose economy?

Is she not the same person who fainted after two hours of gyrating and dancing as she awaited the arrival of the First Lady during her so-called meet the people rallies?

What guarantees do we have that she won’t spend time dancing and then sleeping in her new spacious offices as people of her age are known to be prone to take 40 winks several times during the day?

Recycling deadwood is unhelpful. Gerontocracy indeed!