Ncube pounces on presidium

UMDC (United Movement for Democratic Change) co-president Welshman Ncube has described President Robert Mugabe and his deputies Emmerson Mnangagwa and Phelekezela Mphoko as muppets that do not inspire confidence.


Muppets are a group of puppet characters known for an absurdist, burlesque and self-referential style of variety sketch comedy.

Muppets were often moulded or carved out of various types of foam and then covered with fleece, fur, or other felt-like material to represent humans, animals, realistic animals, robots, anthropomorphic objects, extraterrestrial creatures, mythical beings or other unidentified, newly imagined creatures, monsters, or abstract characters.

Ncube said the appointments of Mnangagwa and Mphoko could only be taken as a muppet or a comedy show and Zimbabweans should forget about entertaining thoughts that the three would solve the country’s economic crisis.

“Mugabe the puppeteer has brought muppets Mnangagwa and Mphoko to solve our problems,” Ncube told UMDC supporters at a rally held at Stanley Square in Makokoba on Sunday.

A puppeteer is a person who manipulates a lifeless object, such as a muppet to create the illusion of life. The puppeteer may be visible to or hidden from the audience.

(From left) Welshman Ncube, Sekai Holland and Tendai Biti during a rally at Stanley Square in Makokoba, Bulawayo, on Sunday

(From left) Welshman Ncube, Sekai Holland and Tendai Biti during a rally at Stanley Square in Makokoba, Bulawayo, on Sunday

“Zimbabwe cannot expect any change of fortunes with these muppets Mnangagwa and Mphoko,” Ncube said.

“Mugabe is behaving like we are still in those old days when there was only black and white television with muppets being the only comedy shows to watch.”

The two VPs have courted the ire of a cross section of Zimbabweans for making several controversial public statements since assuming office.

Mphoko absolved Mugabe of the Gukurahundi genocide that left over 20 000 people dead in Matabeleland and some parts of the Midlands,
and instead blamed the genocide on the West.

He insulted vendors describing them as lazy saying able-bodied people should look for proper employment instead of selling tomatoes and vegetables.

Last week, Mnangagwa said villagers should be intimidated and led to polling stations by traditional leaders, village heads and headmen to ensure they vote for Zanu PF.

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