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Magistrate imprisons another Masendeke over vandalism


KWEKWE Resident magistrate Taurai Manwere on Monday jailed a member of the notorious Masendeke family, infamous for terrorising Mbizo residents, after he convicted him of violently destroying two DVD players at a Mbizo house.


Engelbert Masendeke (46) will spend the next three months in jail following conviction on malicious damage to property charges.

Masendeke vandalised property worth $50 belonging to Alpha Mishima over a $5 debt.

It was the State’s case that Masendeke, in the company of his friend still at large, went to Mishi’s house around 10pm on February 22 with the intention of collecting a debt of $5.

When Mishi failed to pay the $5, Masendeke and his unnamed friend became angry and started destroying household property.

Masendeke broke two DVD’s by kicking and stamping on them while the owner watched helplessly. In passing sentence, Manwere said the courts will not stand aside and watch citizens take the law into their hands vigilante style, when legal and more humane ways are available to settle disputes and reclaim debts.

Manwere slapped Masendeke with a six-months jail term, but suspended two months for five years on condition of good behaviour and another month was suspended on condition of restitution.

Prosecutor, Fotunate Mbizvo told the court that Masendeke was not new to the courts and was not a candidate for a fine or community service since he had several previous convictions, although they were not related to malicious damage to property.

Recently another Masendeke brother, Elliot, was in court facing charges of assaulting a bar woman, resisting arrest and another of assaulting two police officers who wanted to arrest him.

Brothers Edmund and Elson are facing a murder charge after they allegedly assaulted to death, a Mbizo man in 2013 over a pool game gone wrong.

Their elder brother, Edward was sentenced to death after being convicted of various crimes bordering on violence.

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