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‘Rape cases worrying’


GWERU urban recorded 13 rape cases in January 2015 and 11 of these were perpetrated against children, a women’s network official has said.

Stephen Chadenga

Speaking at the belated provincial International Women’s Day celebrations in Gweru yesterday, Gweru Urban Women’s Network chairperson Superintendent Enthua Muzvidziwa said children were being abused more than adults, a growing cause for concern.

Muzvidziwa urged parents to be on high alert to prevent cases of sexual abuse against their children.

“In January 2015, Gweru urban recorded 13 rape cases and of these 11 were on children,” she said.

“From the statistics, it shows that children are being sexually abused more than adults and this is worrying.”

Muzvidziwa said during the same period, a two-month-old baby was raped. She called for parents to seriously invest their time in safeguarding their children.

In 2014, 73 rape cases were recorded in Gweru and 14 of these were against children.

There were 23 and 348 cases of statutory rape and domestic violence respectively during the same period.

Speaking during a belated Midlands police Christmas party in Gweru last month, Deputy Commissioner-General Levi Sibanda said there was need to increase the mandatory sentence for rapists to 40 years.

He said most rape cases reported involved minors below the age of five.

In 2014 rape cases increased by 16% compared to 2013.

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