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Man steals wife’s panties to give girlfriend


A Bulawayo magistrate has pardoned a woman who assaulted her husband for stealing her underwear to give to a girlfriend saying the wife was provoked.


Shelter Magorongoye of Magwegwe suburb pummelled her husband Njabulo Mloyi after she caught him taking her new panties to his girlfriend.

Prosecutor Mufaro Mageza said sometime in February Magorongoye discovered that her panties were missing and suspected that her husband had stolen them.

She decided to set a trap by buying new panties and leaving them in a drawer.

Mloyi saw the underwear and stole it intending to take it to his girlfriend as usual.

However, his wife was watching him. Magorongoye picked up an empty beer bottle and struck her husband on the face before slapping him several times.

A few days after he was beaten, Mloyi took some household property and went to stay with his girlfriend.

“That time I realised he had been giving his girlfriend my panties pretending to have bought them for her,” Magorongoye told the court.

Western Commonage provincial magistrate Willard Mafios Moyo said it was clear Mloyi had provoked his wife.

“Such actions show carelessness and immaturity,” Moyo said before setting Magorongoye free.

The magistrate ordered Mloyi to return the property he took from the matrimonial home.

Magorongoye was told to report her husband to the police if he does not return the property.

She had pleaded guilty to the assault charges, but said her husband had provoked her.

Magorongoye said she discovered that Mloyi was having an extramarital affair and she warned the woman against dating her husband.

But the two continued to see each other until Mloyi’s wife discover edthat her underwear was disappearing from their home mysteriously.

She decided to set a trap and discovered it was her husband who was stealing to please his girlfriend.

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