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Mzila Ndlovu warns of tensions over land


MDC secretary-general Moses Mzila Ndlovu says there is simmering tension in Matabeleland caused by the resettlement of people from outside the region at the expense of locals.


Moses Mzila Ndlovu
Moses Mzila Ndlovu

Mzila Ndlovu said the recent fiasco over the allocation of Maleme Ranch to Central Intelligence Organisation operative Rodney Mashingaidze showed people’s frustrations were mounting.

The government was forced to reverse the takeover of the farm owned by Peter Cunningham after the local community protested against the move.

Twelve villagers were arrested for allegedly kidnapping and assaulting Mashingaidze’s workers after they resisted the farm takeover.

Mzila Nldovu told a public meeting organised by Bulawayo Agenda to reflect on Zimbabwe’s 35th independence anniversary on Friday, the resettlement programme had been tribalised.

“The tribal expropriation of land and resettling of people from other regions in Matabeleland when Ndebeles cannot resettle in Mashonaland is worrying,” he said.

“Are we pretending it is not happening? Let us not fly in high clouds and say we are national.

“The unhappiness will continue to simmer until an implosion occurs and it is definitely bound to happen.”

Maleme Ranch offered grazing pastures to villagers who were given pieces of land by Cunningham to conduct small-scale agricultural projects like poultry farming.

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