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Tenant’s wife stripped in front of me, landlord tells court


A BULAWAYO man, Mickton Rujuni, yesterday told the court that his tenant’s wife covered herself with a towel and stormed out of their bedroom before the towel dropped off, exposing her naked body.


Rujuni (47) had been dragged to court to answer charges of indecent assault filed against him by his tenant Maria Moyo. He denied the charge and told presiding magistrate Marylin Mutshina that Moyo (22) had indecently exposed herself to him.

However, the woman’s husband Prince Moyo (32) told the court that Rujuni budged into their bedroom while they were asleep in the nude at his Mzilikazi house on February 22 this year.

“He (Rujuni) stood for a while at the entrance watching us as he switched the lights on and off. My wife asked him not to do so, but he kept on doing that. He then asked me why I was still there and not going to the funeral of my wife’s aunt,” Moyo said.

But in his defence, Rujuni said the couple had fabricated the story after he allegedly served them with an eviction notice.

He said he never entered the room they were sleeping, but he talked with them from outside concerning their abuse of electricity.

“These people spend all the day at the house. I come home in the evening, but that is when they will be using electricity more, causing an overload. I was asking them why they start cooking late when I come back yet they have all the time to do so before I arrive,” Rujuni said.

“That is when his wife came out wrapped with a towel and all of a sudden she dropped it exposing her nakedness to me.”

He said Moyo’s wife stripped for him so that she could make a false report that he wanted to rape her.

“I was just coming from another case where another female tenant claimed that I exposed my nakedness to her and now this one lies that I entered her room while she was naked,” he said.

“After she dropped the towel, I went to the police to report. Unfortunately, she had run ahead of me to make her own report. That is why this matter came here with me as the accused because police always favour the one who reports first.”

Rujuni said Moyo’s wife framed him because he wanted to evict them from his house.

“His wife is a serious problem, that is why I wanted to evict them. Even her in-laws do not want her, she only stayed for one week with them and they were done,” Rujuni said.

The magistrate remanded the matter to May 7 for continuation of trial.

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