‘Clamp down on noisy vendors’

BULAWAYO United Residents’ Association (Bura) has appealed to the local authority to clamp down on vendors who are using loud hailers to advertise wares saying they are contributing to noise pollution.


Scores of vendors selling pesticides and chemicals are now found almost at every street corner within the central business district (CBD) where they compete with newspaper, sweet and vegetable traders.

Their trade line is umuthi wamagundwane, amawuwu, imosquito lempukane obulala khonapho khonapho (A pesticide that kills rats, cockroaches, mosquitos and flies instantly).

Residents say the message from the loud hailers painted an image of a Bulawayo infested with rodent and pests. They requested the city council to look into the matter and use by-laws that prohibit noise pollution.

Bura chairman Winos Dube said residents and established business operators were upset about the noise.

“Residents are concerned about the noise caused by street vendors who sell rat poison. They hail loudly and people are worried about the noise levels,” Dube said.

“This is disturbing and I as chairperson of the residents’ association have taken this up with the city council. I spoke to the public relations officer and asked if there were no by-laws that could deal with noise pollution.”

He added: “We know that residents are trying to make a living, but they should not be disturbing others and we urge the council to control operations of vendors and have them work at designated areas and not everywhere in the CBD.”

A concerned parent said uncontrolled sale of pesticides on streets could expose minors to danger where some with suicidal tendencies could easily buy poison and harm or kill themselves.

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