Denmark donates $100k to JSC Gweru

(File Photo)

(File Photo)

Denmark has donated $100 000 to the first ever Judicial Service Commission (JSC) open day in Gweru that would be held today.

By Stephen Chadenga

According to provincial magistrate, Pathekile Msipa the purpose of the JSC open day is to enable the public to familiarise themselves with operations of the justice delivery system in the country.

Msipa said the platform would enable JSC to receive feedback from members of the public on the performance of the justice system.

“The objective of the JSC open day is to raise awareness of the JSC and make people aware of the services the JSC provides,” Msipa said.

“It is also our intention to demystify perceptions about the courts by explaining court processes, monitor and evaluate our public relations strategies by receiving feedback from members of the public on our performance as well as foster public trust and confidence in the justice delivery system among other objectives. The Danish project has dedicated US$100 000 for the event.”

Several courts related institutions and departments from the Constitutional Court, Supreme Court, High Court, Labour Court, Magistrates’ Court, Offices of the Sheriff, Master of the High Court and Sheriff will showcase their operations to members of the public.

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