Gweru dams 98% full

Gweru’s main water supply dams Gwenoro and Amapongokwe are 98% full recording significant inflows from the last rain season compared to 45% and 50% the same period last year, acting city engineer Praymore Mhlanga has said.

BY Stephen Chadenga

Mhlanga said although the dams were almost at full capacity, residents should continue using water sparingly.

“Though such figures have every reason to put a smile on our faces given that we are half to the end of the year, we should continue with the spirit of water-rationing,” he said.

Last year, Gweru City Council introduced water-shedding whereby households in both the city’s low and high-density suburbs received 500 litres of water per day to ensure that the city would not exhaust its water reserves.

Mhlanga said the city continued to face the challenge of power cuts which in turn affected water-pumping pressure to residents.

Despite the power cuts, the water problems continue to bedevil the city as a result of ageing pumps as taps in most parts of the suburbs were dry because of problems caused by obsolete pumps.

Last year city fathers proposed that ratepayers fork out a once-off payment of $20 towards procurement of water pumps to replace the current archaic pumps, but the proposal was shot down by the residents.

Gweru has over the years been grappling with obsolete water-pumping equipment which has affected the city’s capacity to supply residents with adequate running water.

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