Ex-Miss Zimbabwe speaks out


Former Miss Zimbabwe Bongani Dlakama

FORMER Miss Zimbabwe Bongani Dlakama yesterday said she was never dethroned and was one of the longest serving queens.


Dhlakama’s remarks came in the wake of media reports that she was unceremoniously stripped of the crown a few days after winning the beauty pageant.

“I was never unceremoniously stripped of the crown,” she said. “In fact, I served longer than anyone else.

“I left without issues or hitches. Maybe there is a mix-up because after me quite a number of queens came and left, some of them unceremoniously”

Dlakama (27) of Nketa 7, Bulawayo, won the crown in 2012 taking it over from Malaika Mushandu and reigned up to 2014 when another contest was held for the crown.

She is involved in a court wrangle with Thandazile Victoria Ndlovu (40) whom she is accusing of insulting her through mobile phone messages.

Ndlovu is the former wife to Dlakama’s fiancé.

Dlakama accused Ndlovu of sending her insulting messages because she was jealous that her former husband was engaged to her.

“She was jealous because she had been divorced by her husband who is now my fiancé because of adultery allegations,” Dlakama said.

“The man got interested in me and that fuelled jealousy in her resulting in those messages.”

She said it was weird that Ndlovu, who works for one of the country’s mobile phone operators and knows the law, would dare send such abusive messages using a mobile phone.

“I would really want her to leave me alone. I did not cause her marriage break-up as I met my fiancé after they had divorced,” she said.

“Ndlovu had sent the messages to my friend Keith who is in South Africa. I am waiting for him to come and testify in the case.”

Ndlovu, last week appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Charity Maphosa charged with violating section 88 (a) of the Post and Telecommunications Services Act Chapter 12:02.

The case will proceed by way of summons.

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