Poly bars students from examinations

BULAWAYO Polytechnic’s school of hospitality and tourism has reportedly barred students without ‘O’ Level Mathematics from registering for their final November examinations.


Some students were enrolled at the institution in January this year without Mathematics on condition they would supplement the subject or have their results withheld and barred from graduating.

However, panic has set in among many students as goal posts have been shifted following communication that those without Mathematics will not be allowed to register for their final year examinations.

“Our issue is we were enrolled without Mathematics in January on agreement that we study and pass the subject, but now they are saying no Mathematics, no registration,” said a student who spoke on condition of anonymity.


Another student said: “It’s very painful and devastating when we count that we had studied this long only to be told months before examinations that we cannot register. We are having sleepless nights over this.

“They should have told us soon after we enrolled that we will not be allowed to register than to give us false comfort that they will only withhold our certificates unless we passed Mathematics. It’s a huge financial loss for us at a time when we are already struggling to pay fees and other monies towards our education. We could have used the money for something else than to be taken for ride.”

The school’s director, Innocent Nezungai was unreachable for comment.

However, the students told Southern Eye the developments had resulted in some lecturers discriminating against them by way of not ‘marking their assignments.’

“Now there is a division of those with and without Mathematics and lecturers are now discriminating against us. “They are not marking our assignments saying it’s a waste of time,” one of the students said.

“It hurts as we were coming to school every day, doing all the assignments and other school work only to have our dreams shattered by this communication barring us from registering for the final year examinations.”

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