Beitbridge gets facelift to resemble neighbouring Musina

BEITBRIDGE is under-going an “urbanising” programme to transform it to look like neighbouring Musina in South Africa, the local authority’s town secretary, Loud Ramakgapola has said.

BY staff reporter

Ramakgapola said Beitbridge’s urbanisation programme was aimed at “removing the rural-like appearance of the town to add an urban touch to it” so that it matches Musina.

“In coming up with this idea, Beitbridge Town Council (BTC) compared its outlook with that of neighbouring Musina in South Africa and noted that Musina which has many of its business buildings paved looks more beautiful and compact.

“Hence, Beitbridge encouraged the businesspeople in the central business district (CBD) and in the townships to pave in front of their buildings,” Ramakgapola said.

“More so, the council has decided to re-align some stands in the CBD. Council is negotiating with businesses so that they can move to industrial sites and pave way for commercial purposes.

“This is being done so that there can be order in the town.”

Ramakgapola said the council is also busy sprucing up the town’s appearance through the development of recreational facilities.

“By doing this, the council is thriving to justify its town status by developing the CBD so that it can be presentable and also match, if not surpass the standards of being a town.

“The local authority is also looking forward to spruce up the town. This is to be done through the development of recreational areas like parks. Council has also approved the building of a complex (shopping mall) by Bigfive and Earthset. The mall is expected to improve the business in the town and also improve the face of the town.”

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