11 enemies to your success

Failure is always predictable. My years of success coaching, counselling and consultancy have shown me that failure leaves traces behind and so does success. It is never too hard to know why you have had the kind of your results you have today. This could be either in leadership, relationships, or personal success. Some people have blamed it on some unseen forces, but there are some universal principles that “must” never be violated. The psychology of success is so simple; follow the laws that govern it.


As you read this article I want you to take a pen and a paper as we walk together on the aspects that you think are synonymous with you. This will help you identify things you must not do, the tools you must employ to reverse the unpleasant situation, the new habits you must adopt and the skills you must acquire to make a new you. For example, being always broke or in debt it’s not “the” problem, but the mere result of what might not have been done well. As a result, we must delve into the root system to stop the negative effects. It would be hard to admit some of the examples I will give, but take stoke and think. Earl Nightingale has a saying that I love to use. He says: “All successful people are self-made, but only the successful will admit it.” If then that’s the case, you too can work towards your success, but there are blind spots that you must be conscious of.

External locus
There are two major types of people: those that focus on external factors for happiness, satisfaction and a sense of fulfilment. These have an external locus. Then there is a group that focuses in their internal resourcefulness for answers to life. Those with external locus, they think there should be someone who is responsible for their failure or success. They blame their outside circumstances for their failure.

They think it’s the economy, their boss, or it’s something else that causes them not to be successful. These are forever bogged in a quagmire of the blame game if they don’t change their attitude and mindset. Those external factors might be contributing to their demise, but they are not the entire cause to your failure. Greater resources, talents and potentials are locked in you. That’s where you must derive your greater motivation.

Other people’s opinions
People have their innumerable stories, misgivings and judgments about you. If you spend time focusing on what people say about you, you are wasting your precious time. Never let other people’s perceptions determine what becomes of you. Some people told me that my writing and speaking industry has no money. That’s a big lie. I knew that my industry has a lot of money the time they began to write those cheques for me. If I had listened to people, I would not have walked the platforms that I have been to. If you listen to people’s viewpoints you will stoop to their level. It’s so funny that sometimes people will even try to give you advice on things which they have not attained.

I have regretted why I have not done certain things on time. The time I wanted to tackle them someone else would have and I feel like they stole idea or concept. Have you not had such a feeling? People have this tendency to postpone things for another day. Some tasks are hard to execute, but postponement won’t help alleviate that. Do it now!

Negative influence
The type of network that you spend your time in will greatly influence your net worth, mindset your habits. Negative influence, such as from friends, peers, relationships, has a negative impact on your mind. People within your inner circle influence your perceptions and projections. The Motivational speaker Les Brown says if nine of your friends are always broke, there is a greater possibility that you might be the 10th also broke in that group. On average, what is the net worth of the people to stick around with? Find out and compare to your financial level. Choose a group that challenges you to dream bigger and be better in life.

Success seeks for people that are not only hard workers, but wise workers. If you are not willing to work, do not expect to succeed. Constant work on your practice makes you a genius.

Previous success could be inhibiting us to reach for new heights in life. Most people sit and bask in their past glory. This is what clogs our minds to believing that you can achieve more. It’s like you have reached a plateau of your life. Move on! There are new mountains to conquer. Don’t stop on one book, write the next one. Once song is not the end to it all, produce another one. There is more to life. Go for it!

Your habits have almost everything to do with who you ultimately become. As I have always said, your daily rituals become your reality. Your bad habits are your enemies. What do you struggle with in secret? Just take a minute and think of those things that you would want anyone to find out! Think of those sinister so called ‘sweet’ secret sins? Don’t you think you might grow in them if you never stopped? That might lead to your down fall. What is that thing if you stopped doing will open the floodgates to your breakthrough? What are those negatives things you know that they suck both your energy and finances? Habits become your obsessions or addictions. Habits make us. Adopt good habits.

Wrong work choices
Most people are tied to work that gives them stress and a lot of headaches. They did the wrong course only because they knew the monitory benefits attached to it when they get a job. If money and employment is the sole motive then there might be a problem because you might as well do anything for money. Yes you might be getting a salary, but frustration will creep in. I have had people tell me that they have good salaries, but their jobs don’t bring fulfillment.

Failure to envisage the future
There is nothing as worse as doing a right thing at a wrong time. It’s just as bad as having done nothing at all. Learn to read season and times. Learn about change and adjust to it. Change will always come despite our attitude towards it. It either “change” rips us apart or we reap from it. To be successful you need an intuitive ability that is able to see more that your sensory abilities can.

Negative psychology
Success is about your attitude and your belief systems. It has been said time and again that your attitude determines your altitude. Don’t you wonder why some people seem to talk and to think bad of their situation and they attract the same bad things? And there are others that seem to be favoured by cosmic forces

and they attract the best? Life gives you what you put into it. Smile around and see how am smiles come your way? Give away money and you will be in the best flow to receive more money. Such is life; it gives you what you have put into it. Give it your best attitude. John C Maxwell in his book, Winning Attitude says, “Our attitude is the primary force that will determine whether we succeed or fail”

Lack of a growth strategy
It’s been said learn more and earn more. Brian Tracy equates the mind to a muscle, it grows with exercise. Have a personal daily growth programme. Eric Hoffer says: “In times of change, learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.” Anthony Robins in his book, Unlimited Power says: “Success is the ongoing process of striving to become more…”

Jonah Nyoni is an author, success coach, leadership trainer and public relations consultant. He can be contacted on 0772 581 918 or email: jonah@classicmail.co.za

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