Motorist up for scoffing at cops

A BULAWAYO motorist has been hauled before the courts for labelling police officers at a roadblock as “uneducated, silly and emptyheaded.”


Shepard Mandi (33) of Entumbane was not asked to plead to the charge of undermining the authority of a police officer when he appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Charity Maphosa on Wednesday.

The court heard that on October 13 at 9:15am Mandi was driving his Honda Fit along 3rd Avenue Extension into town when he
was stopped at a road block by a police officer who asked him to produce his driver’s licence. Mandi said he had lost it and
the police officer asked him why he did not have temporary identification in place. The accused then allegedly went ballistic and
started shouting at the police officer telling her that she was an uneducated officer who does not know what she was doing, but just
wanted money from him.

Another police officer, who was in charge of the team approached Mandi trying to control the situation.

But Mandi allegedly shouted at her saying she should get away and was a “silly” police officer.

He allegedly went on to say police officers wearing uniforms had “nothing in their heads”and are just animals.

He was later arrested.

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