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Grace sends Mnangagwa allies to cloud 9


Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s allies in Midlands Province are on cloud nine, after First Lady Grace Mugabe seemed to endorse him, while casting aspersions at G40, whom for long she had been associated with.


Speaking soon after the Mataga rally last Friday, Larry Mavhima, a reported Mnangagwa ally, said Grace’s message of unity and the clarifications on conference issues was progressive and laid the ground for oneness in Zanu PF.

“We are very happy with the message of unity and transparency the First Lady has preached today (Friday) because it clears the air and allows people to work towards building the party,” he said.

“There has been a lot of speculation in the Press and this affected morale, but her strong words were spot-on.

“It is true that according to our party’s constitution, leadership change can only be discussed in 2019 at our next congress.
This assurance gives our leaders the strength to work for the party without fear of people scheming behind their backs.”

At the rally, Grace said Mnangagwa was her boss, who does not take notes from her, but only listens as she was the women’s league boss, with a mandate to represent all women in the party.


Zanu PF youth secretary for administration Lewis Matutu sang Grace’s praises, saying her strong words showed she was a “mother of unity, rule of law and a party builder”.

“Those were strong words and a warning to those who want to clandestinely fan divisions in Zanu PF for personal gain or ulterior motives,” he said.

“We are a party with structures and systems and Amai (Grace) was clear on the need to follow the constitution and to support the structures in the party, so we can deliver to the people of Zimbabwe.”

Midlands provincial youth chairman Edmore Samambwa was also all smiles.

“These are the leaders who will take Zanu PF forward; Amai plucked out feathers from the wings of dreamers, people who want to cause confusion so they can find themselves at the top,” he said.

“As the youth, we have been taught discipline and respect for our leaders and if they are involved in these fights, we then get lost.

“I am happy we have a mother who brings us back on track every time she speaks.”

The most ecstatic of all was Gokwe-Nembudizya legislator Justice Mayor Wadyajena.

Wadyajena fidgeted excitedly as Grace addressed the rally and could be heard shouting at the top of his voice: “Teach them, doctor, they don’t know the party’s constitution.” Some of his comments were acknowledged by the First Lady.

Grace said her friendship with Mnangagwa was solid.

“I want to learn, I am still young in the party and Mnangagwa is my teacher, he has to teach me so that I learn from him,” she said.

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