Think like a game changer!

Your mind is the fulcrum of your life. Almost all things are coined, created, or even crushed in your mind. Clear and clean your mind so as to start a better journey towards a fruitful and fun-filled life.

Most people walk through life guessing, but successful people plan and plot for the greatness they want first in the mind. It’s a sheer waste of time to take a journey that you don’t know where it will take you to.

Worse still, to walk in territories that you have never been without a map or GPS.

Investing in your head is more important than any other investment a person would make in their lifetime. Most people are too concerned about their looks, make-up, material possessions and their outside structure in general.

There is no problem in that, but remember the mind counts the most. Companies are also not exempted from this thought line, they have done all there is to do, but have forgotten their employees’ need of mindset expansion.

As anyone would plan for their daily upkeep, every individual should have a personal growth programme and so do corporations.

That’s why a good book every day is inseparable from game changers. They know where to invest the biggest chunk of their money: the mind. The masses are always watching television and wasting the time away. Serious people have less time for TV trivia, but they themselves are watched on TV.

If anyone was to achieve any substantial success and significant results, they should simply change their paradigm or mind pattern. Some people are already saying: Jonah, is it that easy?

I have tried everything in my power, but I found myself kissing the dust! Spare me your time. This could be the code you needed to unlock greatness in you.

An author and speaker, Bob Proctor, speaking in 2013, said that our paradigm “is the mental programme that has almost exclusive control over our habitual behaviour . . . and almost all our behaviour is habitual”.

In simple terms, a paradigm is like the software programme that controls your behaviour and habits that will then lead to specific results. In order to shape your future you have to change your paradigm. This is all hinged on your own choices. I have always said that in most cases, choice and not chance determines success. Success is a process and not an event.

Success is a series of choices that we select to act upon daily. What we see on the podium as results is what we practiced in our everyday routine. We make choices in our everyday lives.

Life is not essentially controlled by what happens to us, but what happens inside us – in the paradigm.

Some people attribute their failures to other people, the economic downfall and the bad weather. Stop pointing fingers and blaming everyone!

Average masses do that and you should not be part of that non-paying blame game. My challenge to you is that you purpose in your heart and mind that for the next 21 days that you are not going to complain, but endeavour to act on your dream daily and conquer your fears.

Smile every day and choose to the best out of every encounter. In most cases you will only discover that about 90% of our results come from our thought pattern or outlook. That is true, be it in sales, marketing, business, personal success or money matters. I repeat this as a rephrase: Life is not regulated by what happens to us, but by what happens in us.

It’s never too late to start life again. Start from where you are right now with those little daily steps that will ultimately add up to the big success. Adopt new belief systems.

Stick to those small positive daily rituals and celebrate their successes. Look for people that are positive and drop every negative relationship which might be toxic to your mind pattern.

We can choose to work now and be paid later or play now and pay later. That’s choice! We choose our friends and some people have said association determines assimilation or who you stick with has a major input in shaping your paradigm.

Choose your friends well! We choose who to marry. Make your best choice! In my quest for success, I have found eight important factors about choices that have been instrumental in shifting my paradigm:

lSuccess is a matter of choice, not just some mere coincidence.

lYour life today is a sum total of choices you made yesterday. If you have had a maze of failures, review your choices and thoughts.

lYour choices are the major determinants of who you eventually become in the future. You cannot harbour thoughts of poverty and expect to be rich. You can’t birth anything else other than what you are pregnant with.

lMost great people that choose to succeed have a positive psychology towards success despite the dark valleys of setbacks in their pursuit of greatness.


lWhat you have in your mind determines your world-view and your choices. Visualise your wealth or success in your mind even before you can have that in a tangible form.

lHave a daily personal growth programme that will help you develop your perception, persona and your God-given purpose. You can rise to be world-class, as long as you are willing to act and add those small daily success rituals persistently, patiently, passionately, positively and prayerfully.

lGame changers sleep less and work more on their dream. Work on your dream day-by-day. When others are going to bed, don’t go with them. Work and they will wake up to the wonder of your changed world.

lGame changers never live things to chance. They consciously and concertedly make special moves that catapult their lives.
You can’t climb a ladder with your hands in your pockets. Choose to work and walk towards your destiny. Life was never made to be fair on you.

Life is never easy. It only rewards a special breed of people who work on their dreams.

At times it is hard, but never give up. Most people fear to face that and spend their lives on the thread of mediocrity. They walk through life just to live by. Work on the positive development of your paradigm.

Being born poor is not so much of a question because it’s not by choice, but the most important factor is the legacy you will leave behind when you are long gone because of choices you made while alive. At times the world jeers at you. At that moment be angry and work on your dream until the world cheers at you. In the true sense, no one was born poor; we were born with lesser resources, but enough innate resources.

lJonah Nyoni is an author, success coach and leadership trainer. He can be contacted on 0772 581 918 or email:

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