‘Broke’ Zanu PF levies officials to raise funds

ZANU PF Midlands province is in the red and has decided to levy its officials to raise funds for stalled programmes, it has emerged.

BY Stephen Chadenga

A report presented at a recent meeting revealed that the executive resolved to levy all members of the provincial coordinating committee (PCC) in a bid to increase its cash flow base.

According to the financial report, Zanu PF members were defaulting in paying their subscriptions and this had heavily impacted on party activities.

“The province’s finances are in the red, with a huge debt overhang,” read part of the report.

“In light of this, the province has since resolved that all PCC members be levied varying amounts, based on seniority, to increase cashflows.”

It was not disclosed how much the PCC members would be levied and the amount targeted to be raised.

(File Photo)

The report indicated that there was donor fatigue and urged the fundraising committee to be more innovative in getting money for the party.

In the past, Zanu PF depended on companies and individuals who fell over each other to donate money to fund the party’s activities.

The economic hardships faced by the country have, however, forced many companies to close or scale down operations. In Midlands, most firms that used to donate to the party either shut down or are struggling to survive.

“The province has impressed on its local fundraising committee to be wary of donor fatigue, hence the need to be more innovative in its programmes,” the report further read.

The report also showed that members were failing to adhere to transport rules and regulations in the management of party vehicles at all levels and called for administrative districts to closely monitor the situation.

On the People First project, believed to be fronted by former Vice-President Joice Mujuru, Zanu PF acknowledged its presence in the province though the party attempted to play down its impact.

“The People First project, though spoken of in parts of Mberengwa and some isolated cases in the province, has failed to gain traction, it thus remains, but an exercise in futility,” noted the report.

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