Plumtree residents appeal to Kasukuwere

PLUMTREE Combined Residents and Development Association (PCRADA) has appealed to Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere to investigate a land scandal allegedly implicating top Plumtree Town Council officials.


PCRADA chairperson Richard Khumalo said in the report, the association together with the police had unearthed a scandal involving a top town council executive. According to the report, in February 2015, the official (name withheld) receipted $1 333 he received from a potential stand buyer on a fake receipt and failed to bank it.

Khumalo said despite the anomalies, councillors were strangely quiet about the matter.

“We PCRADA led by Richard Khumalo as the chairperson called an urgent meeting with all Plumtree town councillors led by Mr Hobani as the chairperson twice on December 14 and 21, 2015,” he said.

“They agreed as councillors that they knew about the scandal in the finance department on the above-stated receipts. To our surprise as the association, why are they not taking proper action on those linked to both cases?”

Khumalo said the anomalies were unearthed during police investigations in November 2015. He said the investigations also unearthed missing receipt books.

“The missing receipt book numbers are held by the investigation officers CID Plumtree which were for land sale,” he said.

Khumalo said Kasukuwere should step in and stop the rot in Plumtree. He said little revenue was being realised by council despite the sale of many stands.

“We as PCRADA appeal to the relevant ministry to take appropriate action to avoid council loss of revenue and bleeding of quality service to our people,” Khumalo said.

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