ZPC to generate power from Khami Dami

THE Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC) has announced plans to tap into the heavily-contaminated Khami Dam and use its raw water to generate electricity at Bulawayo Power Station.


The power utility has since invited bids from consultants interested in carrying out a topographical survey for a pipeline route construction linking the dam and the thermal power station, which is currently lying dormant.

According to a tender notice, the bids are for provision of consultancy services including geotechnical survey for a raw water supply pipeline route from Khami Dam to Bulawayo Power Station for Bulawayo Repowering Project.

A site visit has been earmarked for February 2, with bidders expected to have submitted their tenders by February 9.
Council spokesperson Bongiwe Ngwenya said: “Council has been engaged by Zimbabwe Power Company for the use of Khami Dam water for power generation.

“The pipeline that will be constructed will be at the disposal of council to connect other industries that might require clean but not necessarily potable water for their operations.”

Khami Dam is reportedly almost full although its water is heavily contaminated with sewage and industrial waste deposits.

Former Water minister Samuel Sipepa Nkomo once touched off a storm after he proposed to recycle water from the dam for domestic use.

The idea to recycle water from Khami Dam, which was decommissioned in 1988, was first mooted by the Zimbabwe National Water Authority in 2007, but was promptly shot down by a number of Bulawayo politicians including Zapu leader Dumiso Dabengwa.

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