BCC secures $5m for water treatment plants rehabilitation

BULAWAYO City Council (BCC) has secured nearly $5 million for the rehabilitation and refurbishment of the city’s water treatment plants.


According to a recent council report shown to Southern Eye, the local authority secured more than $4,7 million from government for rehabilitation of the city’s nine waste water treatment stations.

The report confirmed that the quality of water at the treatment plants was below acceptable standards, and attracted heavy penalties from the Environmental Management Authority (EMA).


“It is worth noting that the treatment works are still not functioning optimally, as some system components are not working, which in turn compromises some treatment processes.” part of the report read.

“The discharge of partially treated effluent is likely to be a hazard to the ecosystem and human health.

“The tests on the effluent quality discharged at all treatment plants falls below acceptable standards. As a result, high penalties are being charged to council by EMA.

“The following interventions are planned, with funding totalling $4 767 600 that has been secured under the application for borrowing powers from central government.

“Those funds will be used in one major project for the rehabilitation and refurbishment of various plant and equipment at all Wastewater treatment stations in the city.”

The council said it would allocate $578 000 to rehabilitate Aisleby water treatment plant, Aisleby 2 ($755 000), Aisleby 3 ($265 000), SAST ($1 227 000), Thorngrove ($1 227 300), Luveve ($309 000), Waterford ($65 000), Magwegwe Ponds ($150 000) and Cowdray Park Ponds for ($500 000).

The malfunction at the water treatment plants is blamed for a decline in reclaimed water production capacity at Luveve, Waterford and Thorngrove stations, the report said.

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