$15bn diamond saga: AAG urges govt to arrest looters

THE Affirmative Action Group (AAG) has urged government to investigate the disappearance of $15 billion in diamond revenue and arrest those implicated.


President R.G.Mugabe

President R.G.Mugabe

In a belated birthday interview recently, President Robert Mugabe revealed that $15 billion from diamond revenue could not be accounted for, laying blame on the mining companies operating in Chiadzwa.

However, Mugabe’s stunning disclosure has been received with anger and disbelief by opposition parties and civil society organisations who accused the 92-year-old leader of sleeping on duty.

AAG president, Chamu Chiwanza who was in Bulawayo recently told Southern Eye that $15 billion was not “a small amount” to ignore and government should account for it.

“The government must not just sit down and do nothing but must hold those people accountable. We have to trace where the money went. $15 billion is not a small amount of money which can just disappear in thin air. There have to be some traceable form as to where the money went,” he said.

Chiwanza said diamond mines must be held accountable to the Ministry of Mines and Mining Development in the wake of this development.

He said diamond mines were running as independent conglomerates and in that sense they became autonomous on their own.

“They started illegally shipping out diamond so we hear using private planes and so forth,” he said.

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