Govt orders NRZ workers to end strike or risk axe


LABOUR and Social Welfare minister Prisca Mupfumira (pictured), yesterday issued a show-cause order directing all striking National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) workers to return to work within 24 hours or risk being fired.



NRZ spokesperson, Fanuel Masikati confirmed the development.

“We have received a show-cause order from the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare directing all workers to go back to work within 24 hours,” he said without further elaboration.

Hundreds of NRZ workers have been on strike over the past two weeks, as they pressed for payment of their outstanding 15 months’ salaries.

On Tuesday, the workers vowed to continue with the industrial action and booed NRZ board chairman, Larry Mavima, after he dangled a month’s salary to them.

Mavima told workers that NRZ had recovered its $2,1 million debt from Grain Marketing Board (GMB) and would use that money to pay them.

Workers told him that government needed to reduce the NRZ’s management team, which they argued was too big.

The NRZ is also saddled with a $144 million debt, with workers’ unpaid salaries claiming the lion’s share.
The strike action has grounded most of the parastatal’s operations.

Meanwhile, the NRZ yesterday recorded its third train derailment since the strike action started two weeks ago. The latest derailment occurred in Bindura, while the other accidents took place in Harare and Gweru last week.