Tech improves Zimbabwean soccer’s experience

Soccer ball on grass

The Warriors qualification to AFCON and the recently started Premier Soccer League have brought excitement to Zimbabwean soccer fans. To spice things up, technology advancement on digital platforms now enable soccer fans to experience the game in unprecedented ways.

Bhora Lethu is a service developed by Rubiem Innovations that combines fun and cash into a concept branded Play4Cash.

Bhora Lethu is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based game that that allows people to play soccer trivia on Facebook and stand to win daily, weekly and monthly big prizes. The use of Artificial intelligence means soccer fans can engage in a natural human conversation with Bhora lethu by simply through a chat.

The idea to use Facebook means users don’t need to download another App and crowd their phones. Even more attractive is the use of messenger to carry the trivia questions and answers. Messenger is very light weight and doesn’t consume a lot of data.

Bhora Lethu has a rich variety of questions covering local soccer from the seventies to date. While international soccer trivia questions are generally found, the Zimbabwean local soccer system had not developed that much. The key exciting Bhora Lethu highlights is that it is able to show a picture and then ask follow up questions from the picture. There are plans to include videos in the near future.

A pack of 5 questions only costs 5cents which can be paid online using mobile money. The more points you earn from correct answers, the higher your chances of winning prizes when the draw is conducted. The cash won by players is also automatically deposited into the mobile money accounts. The prizes will range from $10 and the grand prize can be as high as $200 from a question pack of just 5cents.

You can also ask Bhora Lethu any questions on soccer and you will get answers. For instance, soccer games scores and statistic updates will be provided on-demand. Just ask what you want and answers will be provided.

Rubiem Innovations is a leading player in digital Innovation solutions.

To have fun all you have to do is search for Bhora Lethu on Facebook, like the page and go to messenger and tell