8 Websites That Are Here To Help You Earn All You Want


The pandemic has shaken the roots of several industries, and one thing common for people across the globe has been financial instability. Be it people with crazy amounts of savings or the spendthrifts, we’ve all suffered setbacks. A lot of good in the terms of financial wisdom has also come around for the same reason. People have been giving serious thought to multiple streams of income, saving habits, and the right sources that can help you earn well. While all of us are driven by the inner passion to earn well, it is important that we don’t fall for petty schemes and plans that ensure the same. Although these seem very lucrative, they only get up deeper into a vicious cycle of losing more and more money.

If you’ve been trying to find a curated list of websites that can help you earn well in a post-pandemic world, consider your wishes heard. Reliable, trustworthy, and well-paying, these websites welcome your skills and content and believe in providing fair remuneration in exchange. Here’s a very simple list of top 8 websites that are here to help you earn all you want:

  1. YouTube

The first name on our lips the moment we think about content creation that pays, YouTube can be a good source of additional income. If you have the right amount of efforts, quality, and luck by your side, you can even decide to be a full time Youtuber like so many others. The platform demands constant and unique content that can invite a good number of views. Once you monetize your content, revenue comes through various sources such as AdSense, Pay per view, Affiliate marketing etc.

  1. eLance

The humble abode for freelancers, eLance welcomes freelancers across various fields with open arms. We’re certain that the name easily gives away the idea and working of the platform. If you think of yourself as a skilled freelancer, then you could certainly try making some buzz on this platform. Whether you wish to freelance as a data analyst, writer, voiceover artist, graphic designer, photographer, or anything else in the world, the opportunities here are plenty. Such platforms help you earn the monthly pay you deserve while you revel in the comfort of your home. Working on eLance will also give you the industry exposure you need. That being said, you will soon have created the portfolio of your dreams.

  1. Photography websites

There’s good news for photographers all around the world, since photography and stock image websites such as Fotolia, Pixabay, Pexels, and others are open to receiving your work while paying you a fair commission for it. Using them is fairly simple. All you need to do is put up all your good work, and everytime the rights to any image uploaded by you are bought, you’re entitled to a commision. This allows photographers to form a healthy and safe community where their work is acknowledged and paid for.

  1. Task Rabbit

If you’re willing to do small DIY tasks for others such as helping people out with fixing their fence or helping them decorate their house for Christmas, Taskrabbit has multiple opportunities for you. People hit Taskrabbit when looking out for help with small errands. If you think this is your thing and you want to make easy bucks out of the same, the website is a great place to get out there and get things done.

  1. Fiverr

The fever of Fiverr began when it started putting out small gigs that paid $5 per task. These tasks were simple and manageable and let the contributors earn well when they consider their side hustle income. Whether it is the need for little illustrations or engaging social media captions, you will find a lot of creative work on Fiverr that doesn’t ask for a lot of your time. These gigs are easily accessible and simple, and the website makes sure you’re always paid on time for fair work. To work with Fiverr is super simplified and also addictive considering the variety it offers. It can easily turn into your “go-to” for some extra money.

  1. Yuan Pay App

This wonderful platform is for bitcoin trading enthusiasts, Yuan Pay group, allows beginners and professional traders to earn on price fluctuations. The sign up process is easy and once you’re signed up you can set settings to auto pilot mode, so you earn whilst you sleep. This app has one of the most superior technologies and algorithms, allowing ordinary people to benefit from cryptos.

  1. Swap or ThredUp

Consignment stores like Swap or ThredUp help you sell your old clothes for good money. Living in a world of fast fashion, we might often have things we do not really use and can push ahead. This also helps create a conscious fashion culture, while you sit back and earn for your most loved fashion items. The platforms take care of the sales for you, and the deserved amount is transferred right to you.

  1. Survey spotter

A lot of people don’t realise the amount of money they can make by answering paidsurveys. Survey Spotter lets you do just that. While this isn’t the most active way to make money, when have a few extra bucks ever hurt? The terms and policies of the website are simple, and you can easily cash in rewards for gift cards while receiving a fair remuneration for the same. The website is only for everyone over the age of 18.

These active and passive ways to make some side hustle cash never hurt, and they are only going to help you achieve all your financial goals in the longer run. Give these websites a try, and unlock the real money making pot