Which Cryptocurrency Exchange is best to Buy Bitcoin in Zimbabwe?


If we had to name a country that has the most fluctuating bitcoin journey then it’s none other than Zimbabwe. Being a landlocked country in Southern Africa, it has faced severe financial crises among the people. From the currency devaluation to managing high-inflation, the country has experienced the worst conditions in every aspect of development.

But, the introduction of bitcoin cryptocurrency in 2009 has drastically changed the way Zimbabwe was struggling financially and economically. Among all the crypto-rich countries in Africa, Zimbabwe has shown much improvement and progress in the successful adoption of bitcoin use all over the country.

However, it was not an easy job to trade cryptocurrency in a country that had numerous strict prohibitions on trading bitcoin across the country. In January 2018, the reverse bank of Zimbabwe released an official government order to halt the use of cryptocurrency and restricted banks to process crypto payments.

As a result, many bitcoin users in Zimbabwe who were making excellent profits in the past years found themselves under the water due to strict restrictions on crypto-use. While many of them also found their bank account blocked whereas the smart bitcoin investors started looking for effective alternatives to buy bitcoin safely in Zimbabwe.

Using cryptocurrency exchanges like bitqt to buy and sell bitcoin in Zimbabwe proved a major help for the country and the crypto world. Hence, here is a list of the best bitcoin exchanges in Zimbabwe to successfully kick-start or continue your bitcoin ride.

  1. Paxful 

Being one of the popular and highly used crypto exchanges, Paxful has been involved in bitcoin exchanges for many decades. It has successfully expanded its territory into Zimbabwe and allows payments through various platforms like western union, bank transfer, and credit and debit cards. Not only Paxful offers bitcoin at the lowest price possible but also helps in purchasing your bitcoin from traders all over the world.

  1. Coinmama

Since 2013, this bitcoin exchange has excellently served bitcoin investors exchanging their valuable assets extremely easily with a few clicks. Today, Coinmama operates in 188 different crypto countries with a family of 1,900,000 users.

This bitcoin exchange accepts payments conveniently through bank, credit, and debit cards. Its excellent customer service and amazing perks are the reason for Coinmama’s reputation throughout the years. With low fees, high-privacy, and better purchasing limits, this is your ideal bitcoin exchange while living in Zimbabwe.

  1. BitSquare

It is one of those rare bitcoin exchanges that works as a decentralized peer-to-peer crypto exchange in Zimbabwe. However, it also allows payment in Zimbabwean dollars but you always have the option to choose another transfer platform of currencies like through bank, debit, or credit cards. You can exchange your bitcoin successfully into other high-profitable altcoins or fiat currencies with low fees. It is also one of the very secure and easy-to-use bitcoin exchanges that don’t require registering yourself and allows exchange from anywhere you are.

  1. Bitcoin ATM

As described by name, Bitcoin ATM works very similarly to an ATM machine from where you cash your money. It is the best bitcoin exchange if you prefer hand-hand payments in cash. Not only is Bitcoin ATM easily accessible and extremely simple to use but has high purchasing limits. However, this bitcoin exchange has high trading fees but perfectly suitable for advanced bitcoin investors.

  1. Changelly

Changelly tops the list when you need efficient speed and moderate fees while trading your bitcoin in Zimbabwe. With bitcoin, you can also swap many more crypto coins with other currencies easily on Changelly. Its 24/7 live customer service is the best part of using Changelly that makes this bitcoin exchange perfect for beginner crypto users.


This was a list of the top five best crypto exchanges in Zimbabwe that have been successfully operating in the country for decades now. Whichever exchange you choose, don’t rely completely on any service and do your share of research on them as trading in Zimbabwe is not as easy as in any other region of the world.