What are the best ways to store cryptocurrency?


Using cryptocurrency is an art but storing it safely requires skills and intelligence that a majority of traders neglect and ultimately regret. The ever-surging prices of cryptocurrencies have intrigued a tremendous number of investors to utilize their money in buying cryptocurrency. However, with the increasing saturation in the crypto world- you not only have increased competition but also higher chances of risk. As a digital asset, buying cryptocurrency is an excellent, easy and smooth option but securing it from the evil eyes is definitely hard.

To put it simply, it’s far easier to steal, miss, or lose the cryptocurrency that is present online than the traditional money that you possess in your pockets. At the time of the creation of the first cryptocurrency – Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakomoto mentioned the words Bitcoin Wallets in his white paper. The revolutionary idea took over the internet and soon became reality with the successfully growing cryptocurrencies. Today, we luckily have 10x more crypto wallets than we had decades ago including the famous bitqs software.

What are crypto wallets?

The best way to save your valuable digital asset is by storing it safely in crypto wallets. These are basically complexed software programs where you make your account to instantly get your crypto at the time of need. The presence of several different types of crypto wallets also helps you smoothly communicate with other blockchains and expand your investment portfolio.

Having that said, let us discuss all the amazing digital crypto wallets where you can safely store your cryptocurrency without any doubt.

  • Paper wallets:

Starting with the safest crypto wallet, paper wallets are a safe, secure, and decentralized crypto wallet that has a high level of security. It’s extremely easy to access paper wallets by using some specific private and public keys. These keys are often provided by the service you use with making sure of the high-level security while using the cryptocurrency. They are also called cold wallets and work incredibly well both online and offline. However, don’t go for paper wallets in case you use cryptocurrency on the behalf of someone as it may cause identity issues afterward.

  • Software Wallets:

As described by name, this dynamic crypto wallet type works on online software that is both downloaded and used on any digital device. By protecting your cryptocurrency against scams, hacks, and other possible risks, software wallets work pretty well in managing your cryptocurrency without any hassles. However, you can only access these software wallets in the presence of a good internet connection. Also, you can save, secure, and manage your funds through multiple devices with the help of a smart software wallet.

  • Digital Wallets: 

Digital wallets are pretty much similar to software wallets in terms of working and securing your cryptocurrency. Not only are they easy to use and carry but also render incredible on your every digital device. Moreover, digital wallets also have a quick and easy-to-navigate interface that makes operating digital wallets a lot more convenient. Like paper wallets, they also offer private keys through which you can protect any cryptocurrency.

  • Web Wallets:

Web wallets are one of the popular crypto wallets on the list. Web Wallets can both be used offline and online regardless of any internet connection. This wallet type is highly recommended for those who use their cryptocurrency on computers. Also, using web wallets is a big relief for every investor who wants to focus on other important things than keeping an eye on the wallet every minute.


This was a short and useful guide about the most popular crypto wallets present online. However, we cannot vouch for these types of crypto wallets to be 100% safe but they are still better than exposing your cryptocurrency to scams, frauds, and risks.