Father- in-law charged with physical violence against a minor grandchild.




A Harare man was arrested for violently attacking his son’s daughter (6) for wanting to go with her mother who is estranged to his son, Jacobus Cornelius Pieters.

The father-in-law Jan Pieters (57) on Wednesday appeared before magistrate Chido Garwe charged with physical violence. He allegedly squeezed her grandchild’s hand as a way of refraining from accompanying her mother.

The minor child sustained some injuries to her right hand with notable bruises and bleeding.

The minor is the complainant in the matter.

It is alleged that on June 10 this year at around 1700hrs, the complainant’s mother, Shanay Kloppers, came to her ex-husband’s house and noted that her child had been left in the company of the father’s girlfriend.

Kloppers, also a witness in the case, demanded that her child be released into her custody and this prompted the accused to attend to the scene.

The accused allegedly took the minor to his car and told her that he was not leaving the house, but the minor refused, insisting that she wanted to go with her mother.

The grandfather allegedly held her tightly and violently squeezed her right arm, causing bruising and bleeding.

The State led the evidence of a medical affidavit to that effect.

It is alleged the accused person tried to shove the girl into his car but her mother snatched her back and drove away.

The matter was postponed to today.

Meanwhile, Kloppers has obtained a protection order against Pieters to stop him from sending abusive and threatening messages, verbally or through any postal or electronic means of communication.


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