We’ll hit back — Zanu PF

ZANU PF national chairman Simon Khaya Moyo yesterday accused the MDC-T of perpetrating violence, warning that his party would not hesitate to retaliate.

By Stephen Chadenga

Khaya Moyo made the remarks during a tour of the province, saying his party members had borne the brunt of MDC-T violence for too long and would now retaliate.

“Zanu PF is a peaceful party, but we are reading in the papers that MDC-T members are going around beating our leaders in party regalia,” he said.

“Let this be a warning to MDC-T that we will not hesitate to retaliate if provoked.”

Ironically, it is Khaya Moyo’s Zanu PF that is often accused of unleashing violence on opponents and his statements may be seen as crocodile tears.

In recent weeks, Zanu PF has been carrying reports on its official website that MDC-T is planning Arab Spring type of uprisings.

The party further stated: “It is in view of this that we are saying (Morgan) Tsvangirai and his MDC-T members should not cry foul when the tables are turned against them”.

Khaya Moyo said the MDC-T was in shambles and should not take its “shambles to Zanu PF”.

“Please stick to your shambles,” he said. “Don’t extend your defeat to our party.”

Khaya Moyo is leading a probe team across the country, comprising national security secretary Sidney Sekeremayi, secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa and political commissar Webster Shamu. An emotional Khaya Moyo said the visit by the top party leaders was not a witch hunt, but it was preparing party members for elections expected this year.

“We have not come to interrogate anyone,” he said. “We are here to prepare the party for a resounding victory in the coming elections.”

Journalists from the privately- owned media, who were at first allowed into the meeting, were asked to leave, with Zanu PF security details saying the meeting was “strictly by invitation”.

State media journalists were later kicked out of the meeting as the party embarked on a no holds barred attack against its “ill-disciplined members”.


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