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Byo waste pickers demand recognition

Maphosa said the waste pickers requested that they be consulted on issues to do with waste removal and given facilities to operate from.
By Patricia Sibanda Sep. 2, 2022

Zim's tattooist rolling with SA's top artists

The wheel spinner started his career about 10 years ago and moved to South Africa in search of greener pastures.
By Patricia Sibanda Sep. 5, 2022

Byo singer elated at playing on African music charts

Sibanda told NewsDay Life & Style that the song talks about real life situations where some people earn a living through crime.
By Patricia Sibanda Sep. 6, 2022

Parents petition Byo school over ‘unsanctioned’ fees top-up

In an interview, a parent who asked to remain anonymous said they were not happy with the way management was running the school.
By Patricia Sibanda Sep. 16, 2022

Cycling to reduce pollution: BCC

To quicken the cycling culture’s revival, council has committed to revamp the cycling tracks on old and new roads.
By Patricia Sibanda Oct. 14, 2022

Rights groups fret over wat-er privatisation

Zinwa is currently rolling out prepaid water meters.
By Patricia Sibanda Oct. 15, 2022

BCC demands US$ top-ups for 2016 stands

In December 2018, council approved the sale of housing stands in US dollars, a move widely rejected by residents as anti-pro poor.
By Patricia Sibanda Oct. 16, 2022

Lubimbi villagers relocation set for next year

Moyo said the relocation exercise would affect an estimated 2 500 villagers, and would cost more than US$2 million.
By Patricia Sibanda Oct. 18, 2022

Chinese miners assault employees in Hwange.

Zhong Jian companies have been accused of assaulting their employees for demanding more pay.
By Patricia Sibanda Sep. 21, 2022

BCC debtors baloon to $19bn

BULAWAYO City Council (BCC) says it is owed $19 billion by ratepayers.
By Patricia Sibanda Oct. 21, 2022

Insiza teachers resort to raw dam water

Teachers at Sidzibe Primary School in Insiza ward 5 are drinking raw water from a nearby dam
By Patricia Sibanda Oct. 28, 2022

Council warned over briefcase companies

BPRA secretary for administration Thembelani Dube expressed concern at the poor workmanship by contracted private companies.
By Patricia Sibanda Oct. 29, 2022

Human rights group welcomes delayed relocation of Lubimbi villagers

Matabeleland North minister of State Richard Moyo recently said government had postponed the relocation exercise to next year.
By Patricia Sibanda and Mpumelelo Moyo Oct. 31, 2022

Govt offers land to women, PWDs

Last year, government announced plans to distribute land to the disabled.
By Patricia Sibanda Nov. 12, 2022

Plumtree Town Council to fence sewer ponds

Residents have been piling pressure on the council to fence the sewer ponds after a child drowned last year.
By Patricia Sibanda Nov. 13, 2022

Pumula South stands dispute escalates

Bulawayo deputy mayor Mlandu Ncube said the beneficiaries were still in talks with the council.
By Patricia Sibanda Nov. 14, 2022

Opposition leader attacks cops over drug dealers

Bulawayo acting police spokesperson Nomalanga Msebele said they had not received reports on drug peddling.
By Patricia Sibanda Nov. 14, 2022

BCC to hold second round of polio vaccinations

Addressing delegates, Bulawayo deputy mayor Mlandu Ncube said the equipment would also help in conducting polio programmes.
By Patricia Sibanda Nov. 21, 2022

Abafana BakaMzilikazi frontman inherits foundation

I have seen it fit to continue doing good on behalf of the late Wendy Mbongolwane-Dube, who had committed to assist underprivileged and academically gifted pupils in rural areas.
By Patricia Sibanda Nov. 22, 2022

Zesa blames vandalism, hailstorms for power outages

The electricity problems in Bulawayo came as the country was recently informed about depleted water levels at Kariba Dam.
By Patricia Sibanda Nov. 30, 2022

ZNA member killed over woman

Observations were that the body was found lying on the ground facing upwards inside the yard. The deceased was half naked, wearing a blue boxer short only.
By Patricia Sibanda Dec. 1, 2022

Mpilo turns away cancer patients

Acting provincial medical director Marphios Siamuchembu revealed yesterday that cancer patients were being sent back home because the cancer machine broke down last year.
By Patricia Sibanda and Nizbert Moyo Dec. 13, 2022

BCC acts on mosquito menace

Latest BCC minutes state that there has been alarming breeding of mosquitos in high-density suburbs.
By Silas Nkala and Patricia Sibanda Dec. 14, 2022

Women, girls bear brunt of power outages: MIHR

Maphosa urged families to remove the responsibility of sourcing firewood from females.
By Patricia Sibanda Dec. 16, 2022

Gokwe solar boreholes 85% complete

Nyandoro said residents from one ward were already drawing water from one of the boreholes.
By Patricia Sibanda Dec. 16, 2022

Brain drain hits Bulawayo fire department

The revelations were made on Friday last week during a donation of fire and emergency services equipment by Operation Florian.
By Patricia Sibanda Dec. 19, 2022

‘BCC should engage ZRP to handle the violent street vendors’

Informal traders and municipal police have occasionally had running battles that have sometimes turned violent.
By Patricia Sibanda Jan. 4, 2023

No developments on Lubimbi villagers relocation site: Moyo

This is not the first time that Lubimbi villagers are being relocated to pave the way for a government project.
By Patricia Sibanda Jan. 6, 2023

Illegal food outlets a health concern

“The food outlets mushrooming in the city, most of them are illegal and very dirty, hence the need for the council to pay attention to them,” Moyo said.
By Patricia Sibanda Jan. 7, 2023

Bulawayo City fathers disown borehole water

As the water crisis continues, water borne diseases, particularly diarrhoea, have become endemic in the city.
By Patricia Sibanda Jan. 8, 2023