Tough choices for civil servants

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CIVIL servants who contest in the forthcoming elections will be forced to retire in line with the Public Service Commission (PSC) regulations, the commission said yesterday.

Report by Chief Reporter

In a notice, the PSC said civil servants must seek authority through their parent ministries before submitting their names to nomination courts.

Once their names have been approved to stand in either local government or parliamentary elections, the civil servants would be forced to retire.

PSC secretary Pretty Sunguro said civil servants seeking to contest council elections must apply to the commission, which will respond to their requests in writing.

“The commission may grant members permission to seek election in local authority/rural district or provincial council, declare that member has ceased to be a member of the public service with effect from the date the commission grants authority,” she said.

Sunguro said civil servants will be deemed to have resigned or retired on the day permission is granted for them to contest the elections.

Aspiring legislators, also go through the same procedure.

The notice by the PSC comes amid concerns that some civil servants are actively dabbling in Zanu PF politics in violation of their employment contracts.

A number of high ranking government officials are reportedly keen to contest as Zanu PF candidates in the elections to be held later this year.