Dancehall musician releases album


BULAWAYO-based dance hall reggae musician Lloyd “Artical” Makonza has released a three track album that has already received good airplay in local radio stations.

By Khulani Nkabinde, Staff Reporter

Makoza said in an interview that he deliberately recorded a three-track album in a bid to introduce himself to dance hall music lovers.

“I wanted followers of genre of music to get to hear what I am capable of doing,” he said.

Tracks on the album include; Nguva, Alicia and Mukoma Vangu.

“I am working on the video for the song Nguva,” he said.

Alicia, a love song, is also one track to look out for on the album recorded at Ingwe Studios.

In the song Mukoma Vangu, the musician thanks his brother for looking after him after their parents passed away 20 years ago.

Makonza bemoaned lack of support from promoters in Bulawayo and the southern region.

“We would like to have as many live shows as possible, but promoters turn a blind eye on local talent,” he said.

“Some people have advised me to relocate to Harare where there are better opportunities in music, but I have refused to go there.
“I will stay in Bulawayo until the situation improves in the music industry.”

Makonza said he was currently making arrangements to stage live shows in night clubs in the city so that his fans could have an opportunity to see him live on stage.