LATEST: Makarau urges political tolerance


Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) is ready to conduct the harmonised elections as soon as fair conditions for holding polls are proclaimed, the body’s Chairperson Justice Rita Makarau has said.

Report by Tapiwa Zivira, Online Reporter

Speaking before the Peace and Security and the Defence and Home Affairs Parliamentary Portfolio Committees this morning Makarau said: “a fair (electoral) process is one that allows each candidate or political party equal access to the electorate to sell himself /herself, to information about the process and a process that allows the choices made by the people to be reflected as is without any attempt by Zec to manipulate the results or favour one or more of the contestants.”

Zimbabwe, which passed a new constitution last month, is set to hold harmonised elections this year to end a four year old powwer sharing agreement between the country’s main political partuies, Zanu PF and the two MDCs.

As previous polls have been marred by political violence and intolerance, Makarau urged political parties to campaign peacefully.

‘The selling of political parties must not transcend seduction to become compulsion to choose a particular candidate,” she said.

Zimbabwe’s previous polls have been marred political violence and intolerance targeting mainly the opposition political parties.

Makarau said after the proclamation of the election date, Zec will monitor the state media’s coverage of election programmes to ensure all political parties get fair reportage.

Turning to the financing of the polls, Makarau said although Zec is ready to deliver and credible election, the body is yet to receive the full $150 million it requested from Treasury.

Makarau revealed that Treasury has so far handed out only $25 million.

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