Election date proclamation triggers uncertainty


ZIMBABWEANS should brace for a repeat of the 2008 disputed election environment as key reforms promised by the inclusive government tenure are still outstanding, political commentators have said.


President Mugabe yesterday issued a proclamation calling for harmonised elections to be held on July 31.

The move has escalated tensions in government with Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai saying he will not accept a situation where Zimbabweans will again be railroaded into another illegitimate and violent election.

Bulawayo-based political analyst, Godwin Phiri said Mugabe’s unilateral action proves that he is not prepared for elections to be held in a free environment.

“It’s a sign that Mugabe and Zanu PF are not prepared to go for elections that would not be disputed” he said.

“Zimbabweans should brace themselves for a repeat of 2008 election climate.

“However, I expect a huge turnout during elections where Zimbabweans will decisively vote for leaders of their own choice. But the campaign period is very much uncertain.”

Mugabe has been pushing for early elections, saying the unity government formed in 2009 after violent and disputed vote the previous year has outlived its tenure.