Welshman Ncube, police in standoff


A group of 11 police officers, two in plainclothes and the rest armed with batons, yesterday delayed an MDC district meeting in Tsholotsho, claiming the party had not sought clearance.


The district meeting was supposed to be held at MDC councillor Rhoda Ncube’s homestead in Manqe but upon arrival, party leader Welshman Ncube found the police details at the gate saying the meeting could not go ahead.

Ncube explained to the policemen that according to the Public Order and Security Act (Posa), they did not need police clearance, since they were holding a meeting of an organ of their party.

The MDC leader, accompanied by party secretary-general Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga, had to go to Tsholotsho Police Station to clarify the issue.

“We had to go to the police station to clarify issues and the police apologised, saying we should proceed with the meeting after delaying us for two hours,” Ncube said.

“This shows the country is not ready for elections with such brazen abuse of the law.”

Ncube said the conduct of the police was symptomatic of the chaos set to rock the country following the proclamation of elections on July 31 by President Robert Mugabe.

“Things are set to get worse as we move towards elections,” Ncube said.

Meanwhile, Ncube urged party members to register to vote to get rid of Mugabe.

“I sit with him in Cabinet. You cannot help but pity him. he sleeps and drops his head to a point of almost falling,” the MDC leader said. “Do him a favour and vote him out of power so that he goes home to rest.”

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