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Tsvangirai takes campaign to WhatsApp


KWEKWE — With public media space inaccessible for political parties other than Zanu PF, MDC-T has taken to instant messaging service WhatsApp to advertise itself.

Blessed Mhlanga

The party has recorded short videos of its leader Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai talking of peace and ushering in a new dispensation, which will bring hope to Zimbabwe and sending them via WhatsApp.

In a 32-second video promotion, Tsvangirai appeals to Zimbabweans to maintain their courage, which he says will be rewarded by a government that is sensitive enough to end political tension.

“My fellow Zimbabweans, I see your courage in the face of evil. I know that we are stronger than this evil and our victory is certain. Our new government will ensure that the terrible violence you are suffering will come to an end and the rule of law will return,” he says in the short clip.

The MDC-T leader pledges to end what he calls political terrorism, once he is the new president.

“Justice will return and political terrorism will have no place in our new government… I am a new President ready to deliver peace,” he says.

With recent growth of social media, analysts say the medium is likely to influence political decisions in the country, while others insist the technology is still too new to affect discourse.

MDC-T Harare provincial spokesperson and Justice deputy minister Obert Gutu said the party had opted to use new technologies to get the message of hope to the people.

“As a party of excellence, we are embracing new technology and as such we will exploit social media to deliver the message of hope,” he said.

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